Life Skills for Soldiers

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Life Skills for Soldiers

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Budgeting Course

Budgeting is crucial to your troops being financially healthy and increasing their wealth. Teach them how to spend their money in a way that makes them able to take care of themselves, provide for their family and increase their net worth.

Investing Course

Investing is one of the best ways to gain financial security and financial freedom. Teach your soldiers how to put their money to work and watch their financial problems melt away.

How to Choose and Use a Credit Card Course

Few decisions have the potential to affect your life for a long time - choosing a credit card is one of them. Educate your troops on how to make a smart decision with this class.

How to Buy a Car Course

Tired of seeing your troops buying cars they can't afford at crazy high-interest rates? Educate them on how to buy the right car the right way with this class.